Perfect Hair Treatment Service in Our Lady’s Salon

Are you tired of lackluster hair that lacks shine and luster? Look no further than Our Lady’s Salon, where you will find the perfect hair treatment service to revitalize your locks. Our skilled stylists use only the best products and techniques to ensure you leave with soft, silky, and healthy hair.

Our hair treatment services include a range of options to suit all hair types, from dry and damaged to fine and brittle. Our deep conditioning treatment, for example, uses nourishing ingredients to hydrate and strengthen your hair from the inside out. The result? Shiny, bouncy, and voluminous hair that is sure to turn heads.

In addition to deep conditioning, Our Lady’s Salon also offers a range of other treatments designed to target specific hair concerns. If you have color-treated hair, for example, our color-safe treatment will help to protect and extend the life of your vibrant hue. Meanwhile, our anti-frizz treatment will smooth and control unruly locks, leaving you with sleek, frizz-free hair that lasts for days.

At Our Lady’s Salon, we believe that a hair treatment should be a luxurious and pampering experience, not just a functional service. That’s why our stylists take their time to ensure that every step of the treatment process is performed with care and precision. You can relax and unwind as they massage your scalp, treat your hair to the best products, and style your locks to perfection.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate hair treatment service, look no further than Our Lady’s Salon. Book your appointment today and get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again!

Hair TreatmentPrice
Hair Treatment Normal 50 to 70 AED
Hair Treatment Special 80 to 130 AED
Hair StylePrice
Hair Style Short 150 AED
Hair Style Medium 200 AED
Hair Style Long 250 above AED
Hair TreatmentPrice
Hair Treatment Short 700 AED
Hair Treatment Medium 1000 AED
Hair Treatment Long 1500 AED
Hair Treatment Roots 500 AED
Blow DryPrice
Blow Dry Short 50 AED
Blow Dry Medium 70 AED
Blow Dry Long 90 to 100 AED
Hair ColorPrice
Hair Color Roots 100 AED
Hair Color Full Color Short 200 AED
Hair Color Full Color Medium 250 AED
Hair Color Full Color Long 350 above AED
Hair LightPrice
Hair Light Short 150 AED
Hair Light Medium 250 AED
Hair Light Long 350 AED
Keratin Price
Keratin Short800 AED
Keratin Medium 1200 AED
Keratin Long 1500 above AED